Americas Motor Sport Parks

Best Motorsports Parks in the US

car on the trackThe USA is known as being the home of motorsports and there are numerous motorsports parks to be found scattered throughout the country. These parks regularly host large scale races from NASCAR to drag racing. Here is an overview of some of the largest and most popular motorsports parks in the USA.

Pueblo Motorsports Park

This popular motorsports park is situated just four miles from the city of Pueblo and was established back in 1975. A large number of renowned drag racers have graced the strip over the years, including Don Purdhomme, Warren Johnson and Tommy Johnson Jr. drag racing events are held at the Pueblo Motorsports Park every year from March until October, while the site also features an exciting road course that covers a distance of 2.2 miles. Among the amenities that can be found here are a covered picnic area, overnight camping, showers and concessions stands.

Carolina Motorsports Park

This excellent kart track and road course can be found to the north of Camden in South Carolina and is an exciting place to watch big races such as the NASA Southeast’s Pit Bull Brawl. The track is open on the Friday before each race to allow motorsports drivers to practice, while spectators are offered a spot in the campsite so that they will have plenty of time to soak up the action.

Miller Motorsports Park

This is one of the largest karting tracks in the whole of the USA and exciting events are held here virtually every month of the year. People who fancy the chance to rub shoulders with the stars will be able to get their kicks by taking the karting lessons that are held by former karting champions during the week. The track is also open between big races to groups of thrill seekers who want to battle it out to see who will be the first to cross the finish line.

NOLA Motorsports Park

This celebrated motorsports park has the honour of playing host to the Indianapolis 500. In addition to wild races, the venue can also be booked for special parties and events throughout the year. The park was also chosen as the setting for the film Focus, which stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie.