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Why nascar is so popular


Only the National Football League has higher TV viewing figures than NASCAR in the United States. While NASCAR racing is not just confined to the US, as it is shown in more than 150 different countries around the globe.

The Diversity Of NASCAR Racing

One of the main reasons that NASCAR is so popular is the diversity of events. NASCAR is almost unique in that it is not a motor sport that revolves around just cars or bikes. As well as car racing there are events involving trucks, too, such as the Camping World Truck Series. The latter event involves pickup truck racing, with the Xfinity Series and the Sprint Cup Series being NASCAR events that are designed for stock cars. The Sprint Cup Series is the premier NASCAR event, and is followed by the Xfinity Series in terms of importance. The Xfinity Series is normally a shorter season than the Sprint Cup Series.

Large Amount Of Races And Venues

The amount of actual NASCAR races, together with the venues, is another big reason for the popularity of NASCAR racing. All but eleven of the 50 states in the US host NASCAR events, and events are held in Canada also. Around a hundred tracks host more than 1,500 races, and with exhibition races held as far afield as Japan and Australia, NASCAR racing looks set to become increasingly more global.

Popular With Major Companies

NASCAR’s domination of motor sport in the US is helped by the level of sponsorship it receives from major companies. No other motor sport in America is so heavily sponsored by companies in the Fortune 500 list than NASCAR, which allows the sport to grow still further.

Foreign Drivers And Foreign Manufacturers

The number of both foreign drivers and foreign manufacturers has been rising in NASCAR in recent years. As a consequence, the worldwide spread of NASCAR racing has also intensified. The foreign drivers have also helped to raise the standard of the racing itself, and have come to NASCAR from the likes of Indy and Formula One racing. With its more global reach also, another benefit for NASCAR is increasing interest from foreign sponsors.