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Stars of Formula One who Love Poker

With one of the most famous racetracks in the world being in Monaco, there is little wonder that many drivers involved in motorsports also end up being fans of casino games such as poker. Indeed, poker does seem to be a favourite past time amongst superstars of motorsports, perhaps they are drawn in by the element of risk, much like the danger that is present in their day jobs. Read on to find out about some prominent stars of motorsports who are also well-known on the poker table.

Michael Schumacher

Schumaker has taken part in a large number of charity poker tournaments and was actually really good. Apparently, he developed his game by playing with friends and other drivers while he was waiting around for races. He isn’t playing at the minute, following his ski accident in 2013 but he hopes to recover enough to enjoy the game once again.

Jamie Alguersuari

Whilst not quite the superstar of Formula One as Schumaker was, Alguersuari has had success in the world of poker. He even played for PartyPoker, perhaps because he recognised the need to promote the game of poker in Spain and to show that younger players had something to offer the game too. He hasn’t waded into the whole which is the best game debate but he certainly takes his game seriously.

Giancarlo Fisichella

It could be argued that Fisichella takes his poker playing even more seriously than Alguersuari. Indeed, his poker skills earned him a signing with a poker team as well as an ambassadorial role for PartyPoker. He has played a few times on tour and has always impressed with his aggressive and passionate style of play. According to Fisichella poker was an incredibly popular pastime amongst most of the Formula One racers, so you never know in the future more stars of the motor racing world might grace the poker table too.